Pankhuri Sinha : 4 Poems


Pankhuri Sinha : 4 Poems


That you will be here,
That he will be here,
That we will meet,
That they will meet,
Both gone,
The morning gone,
All mornings gone.
There remains a promise.
A promise made years and years ago,
Since years and years,
There has been no one in the morning.
The promise of the morning is,
That I will be here.



The sighting of the eagle,
Over a million dollar homes,
With a penny in your pocket,
With its down side whiter than the eagles of New York,
The soft fur,
The feet with never trimmed nails,
The top of brown feathers,
The wild eagle,
With majesty,
As free as only an eagle can fly.



Wrestling with questions of nudity,
Phone ringing at very odd times,
Reporting abuse,
When all one had wanted,
To do,
Was to read,
Read legible letters of a fine script,
Leading you into foreign territories,
But not quite,
Of history,
Of the rulers,
The most pious of all readings.
And knowing,
That is the peace accorded to your competitors.



That in this great edifice of things,
Of jails, of police, of networks,
Of trafficking, of guns,
Of bosses, of mafia,
Of dreamers, of travellers,
Its unbelievable that there are no innocent foreigners in
That all are addicts?
Do posters of addiction recovery,
Suddenly in work place,
not sound of a boss,
Who wants to talk too much?
Too much about correction?



And no sleep,
And no life,
No meat,
No house,
No basement,
No wine bottles,
No fulfillment.


Pankhuri Sinha is a bilingual writer, although she writes more in her mother tongue Hindi than in English. Her first award is for her Hindi poetry “Ek naya maun, ek naya udghosh’ for which she received the Prestigious Girija Kumar Mathur award in 1995, while studying in BA Honours part II, in Indraprastha College, Delhi University. Her first two books are collections of stories published in 2006 and 2008, with Gyanpith, a very prestigious name in Hindi publishing. Both these collections have received the love of readers and critical acclaim. She then, went on to publish two collections of Poems in English, Prison Talkies in 2013 and Dear Suzannah in 2014, both with Xlibris, Indiana. Since then, she has published four collections of poems in Hindi, Raktim Sandhiyan, Bahas Paar ki Lambi Dhoop, Pratyancha, and most recently, Geetil Raatein. She has also received numerous prestigious awards in between—Chitra Kumar Shailesh Matiyani Samman in 2007 for her first story collection koi-bhi-din, Rajeev Gandhi Excellence Award in 2013 for outstanding achievements in writing by Seemapuri Times, First Prize for poetry by Rajasthan Patrika in 2017, Pratilipi Kavita Award and many other prestigious awards. She is a student and teacher of Modern British History, currently teaching in a government college in Bihar, India. She did her Master’s in History from SUNY Buffalo in 2007. She has an incomplete Phd from University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which she plans to finish in the near future. She received the Dean’s entrance fellowship at the time of her admission in the Phd programme in 2008 in the University of Calgary. Her poems have been translated in several Indian languages like Bengali, Marathi and languages abroad like Spanish, Serbian, Nepali, Turkish and Romanian. These Poems have also been published in magazines of these languages. She herself has translated Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Italian and Turkish poets. She also translated stories by Ramnika Gupta from Hindi to English, and the interview of reputed Indian theatre personality Ratan Thiyam by Udayan Vajpai from Hindi to English. She is also a freelance journalist and has interviewed several top politicians and writers like Shashi Tharoor, Mahesh Sharma, Mark Tully, the German dancer Anne Dietrich, Professor Critic Dr Margaret Koves, Prof Istvan Voros.


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